Canadian EPFC Focused on the Future of Energy

Building the Future of Energy

Our Purpose is A New Energy

Scovan is a state-of-the-art EPFC firm that specializes in offering innovation and expertise for energy sector projects by providing engineering, procurement, complete fabrication, construction and construction management services. We specialize in the execution of energy-related industrial facilities and offer industry leading knowledge to project developments. 

We are energy experts and have the track record to give our clients the confidence and certainty they need for their developments. Scovan is A New Energy. 

Our investment into innovative thinking and company culture allows us to work more efficiently and create amazing results for our clients

Donovan Nielsen, President

Experience that Dates Back to 1982

Scovan has a long history of developing safe, high quality, innovative and effective solutions. We do this by living our core values each and every day and delivering on our promise to clients of working with them every step of the way. 

Our Fabrication business, Gemini Fabrication, began in 1982, Scovan Engineering began in 2010, in 2012 we acquired Strive Engineering and in 2018 they came together, along with our Innovation collective, Hive Innovations, to form our vertically integrated group. In 2022 we hit another milestone, growing into one united EPFC organization that has a track record of thousands of successfully completed projects across Western Canada.

Living Our Values

A Trusted Partnership you can Count on Every Time

There is a global movement right now for a better environment, a more equitable society, and transparent leadership. This is no longer the minority, but it is quickly becoming the majority. Beyond our investment into innovation and technology, Scovan is committed to making a difference in areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance and delivering on our core values and purpose:

Our focus on culture brings our team together and empowers every person to find new solutions to our greatest challenges

Trevor Phenix, VP Development