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BUILD’s highly anticipated Construction & Engineering Awards returns in 2020 for the fifth consecutive year. The ever-popular Construction & Engineering Awards remains a key part of BUILD magazine’s awards programme portfolio and Scovan (Gemini Fabrication) could not be more excited an honoured to receive the award for ‘Best Fabrication Company in Western Canada’ for 2020.

With sustainable solutions, greater HSE standards and regulations including ever challenging environmental considerations, there are many new challenges and opportunities in this vital and ever-evolving space. The markets involved in these endeavours continue to experience growth, and this is something we aim to celebrate through this awards programme.

The team of experts at Scovan has taken the challenges brought forward in 2020 with the drop in global oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic and turned them into opportunities. That’s what Scovan does best – we innovate and truly work outside of the box to create opportunities and total wins where many companies would find themselves stumbling.

Around the globe the coronavirus has had a huge impact on most individuals and businesses. Most countries and industries are feeling the impact from COVID-19 but we are hopeful this will only have a short term effect on the market. Weather this be the case, or not, Scovan will be continuing to innovate and provide value to our clients.

Scovan is extremely proud and humbled by this award and we will continue to push forward and be leaders in the fabrication space.