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HipVap is an innovative produced water steam generation technology that brings game changing opportunities for SAGD producers, reductions in costs and GHG emissions to brownfield or greenfield projects. Our core HipVap offering is designed for brownfield CPF operations looking to increase steam capacity. We offer a full suite of bolt-on options for any operation including small and large scale, well pad or CPF based, steam generation. 

HipVap technology eliminates the need for conventional SAGD water treatment processes, including produced water cooling, de-oiling and boiler feed water treatment systems, generating steam directly from produced water. 

HipVap’s 3-inch tube commercial-scale demonstration project is taking place at Strathcona’s Lindbergh SAGD facility with the support of grant funding from both Alberta Innovates and Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN). 

HipVap Offers:

  • 35% REDUCTION in CO2 emissions associated with power consumption
  • Provides an overall more COST-EFFECTIVE and less GHG intensive water treatment and steam generation product offering

Up to 20%

Reduction in Capital Costs

Up to 20%

Reduction in Operating Costs

Up to 34%

Reduction in Overall Project Surface Footprint

Technology and innovation helped us unlock our energy resources, and will continue to be essential to push us forward. Time and again, Alberta’s innovators are making ground-breaking discoveries and commercializing the solutions our energy industry, and the world needs. This [HipVap] project demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation excellence Alberta is known for.

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation

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