Challenging the Business of Energy

Scovan’s Process

At Scovan, Engineering and Fabrication are our passion, but creating an exceptional client experience is our highest priority. We take the time to understand our client’s needs and provide value-added solutions, which is why 90% of our clients are repeat customers. We build trust and loyalty from start to finish.


Problem Identification + Early Alignment

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their objectives while upholding a commitment to safety, environmental consciousness, cost-effectiveness, and streamlined efficiency.


Project Definition

Cost estimation, schedule formulation, and a comprehensive list of deliverables help establish a foundational framework for our projects.


Strategy Development

Scovan strives to integrate a unique, value-added approach at every juncture by developing a purpose-aligned work execution strategy that diverges from conventional norms.

Our Approach

At Scovan, we generate positive client results through our unique, innovative approach to EPFC projects. Our dynamic company offers innovative solutions to complex issues, substantiated by a proven track record of delivering transformative results.

Cost Certainty

>We scope our projects from start to finish to create complete solutions for your project. Lump sum billing provides cost certainty while allowing our team to focus on the end goal while preempting unexpected change.

Agile Workforce

> We employ a team of full-time professionals to retain our intellectual capital, fostering a highly-skilled, trusting environment.


> Our workforce is on the move, and so are we. We provide real-time access and full transparency on the status of our projects.

Quality Assurance

> At the heart of our operations lies an unwavering commitment to quality. We utilize extensive yet practical quality control methods that focus on developing the competencies of our team.

Applied Learning

> We are driven by continuous improvement and a desire to raise the bar. We are committed to setting new standards by capturing suggested improvements in our Lessons Learned database as part of our routine project updates.

We like to ask, 'What is possible?' We start with understanding any problem, then challenge the status quo to improve and create growth. Disruption for the better is about strategically advancing forward and taking calculated risks to drive value, innovation & efficiency."