Behind Every Great Leader is a Greater Team In Action

At Scovan, we empower our people to think beyond the status quo, and to take ownership for their work. That’s when we start to accomplish great things."

Donovan Nielsen, P.Eng.


Innovation is at our forefront as we strive to deliver Next Generation Energy Solutions to our clients as the energy industry continues to evolve."

Jane Cavanagh, P.Eng., M.Sc.

VP, Product Innovation

Our Purpose Statement, 'A New Energy', defines our inclusive culture, our dynamic approach to projects and our vision for a brighter future."

Valerie Stewart, MBA

VP, Business Development

Commitment to innovation, quality, continuous improvement, and personal accountability are the keystones to Scovan's and our Client's success."

Kelly Mantei

VP, Operations

Disruption For The Better. That is how we will continue to provide Next Generation Energy Solutions.”

Andy Farrow


It’s about having the right people in the right seats, putting people in roles where they can shine and be successful."

Martin San Jose C.E.T

Director, Human Resources

Engineering is our passion, but creating an exceptional client experience is highest priority."

Oliver Kohlhammer, P. Eng.

Director of Projects, Integrated

It’s one thing to like where you work but, having a common goal & working hard to build a world class operation with people who have the same passion is awesome.”

Rob Williams

Manufacturing Manager

Disruption for the better means partnering with our clients to bring novel solutions – both technical and commercial – to ensure project success."

Brent Lyon, P.Eng.

Director Business Development

The desire to go above and beyond what is typically expected permeates everything we do here at Scovan, and allows us to truly be a strategic partner for our clients."

Tanner Milner

Business Development Manager

Excellence can only be achieved if we stop to understand how our current data, systems, resources and processes align with the future goals of our clients, partners and team."

Kaitlin Kelly, PMP

Manager of Project Integration

Consistent monitoring and improvement within our health and safety systems ensures that we continue to keep our employees safe and demonstrates our commitment to ESG far into the future.”

Erin Sandaker, CRSP

HSE Manager

Being relentless for the future is about always thinking how we can innovate, how we can improve, and how we can bring value."

Karim Atiyeh, P.Eng.

Director of Projects, Major

At Scovan our team's goal is to provide fit for purpose services that meet our client's needs, rather than trying to sell hours."

Matthew Hoblak, P.Eng.

Director of Projects, Sustainability

Scovan has never been about doing the bare minimum, this is reflected through the products we deliver with the team we have built.”

Nelson Schultz

Quality Control Manager

Deliver the highest quality product and enjoy the process. Good vibes great energy is at the core of why we do what we do.”

Randy Korver

Electrical Manager

Innovative design, exceptional quality and attention to detail are key qualities to make sure we bring value to the client"

Rienzie Fernando

Drafting Manager

It’s one thing to like where you work but, having a common goal & working hard to build a world class operation with people who have the same passion is awesome.”

Denis Blais

Procurement Manager