Scovan is built on innovation. It’s what makes us unique. We’re extremely proud of the new ideas and processes we’ve implemented by making information available from anywhere at anytime; utilizing 3D models for fabrication and assembly – therefore reducing engineering time, improving schedules and now electronically applying P.Eng stamps. In addition, the company has made a unified effort to reduce paper and streamline our processes by digitally distributing drawings and performing all document reviews and mark-ups electronically.

We generate winning solutions by creating fresh and innovative methods to deliver real-time results. Our diverse teams of designers and engineers bring a high level of value, confidence and assurance to every job. We provide the option of mobile CADD shacks with trained professionals at locations where fabrication and assembly is taking place. This helps train and mentor contractors on how to access information and provide answers to questions in an extremely efficient manner. And as part of our improved processes, Scovan provides solutions on a lump sum basis to maximize value for our clients.

New technologies:
Whatever your project, Scovan can play an integral role in its successful outcome. Our team specializes in identifying opportunities where you may see none and integrating powerful tools and new technologies to achieve tangible results. We actively support the research and design of new processes that could improve economics and reduce emissions and we are deeply involved with pilot tests of new technologies. Scovan’s teams have been involved with unique projects such as:

  • TAGD (thermal assisted gravity drainage) – using electricity to heat the reservoir
  • DRU (diluent recovery)
  • Gas cap repressurization
  • Commercial nitrogen generation

We are also implementing proven techniques used in other industries such as produced water treatment solutions, concrete buildings, wireless instruments and precast flooring systems to our oil and gas projects.

Our innovative approach to projects has resulted in direct and measurable improvements to our clients’ projects, including:

  • Implementing power cogeneration resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 90,000 Tonnes per year when compared to power generated by coal;
  • Incorporating the capability to recycle in excess of 97% of all produced water to make clean steam for ongoing operations;
  • Enhancing the operation of the evaporation process for produced water treatment by pretreating the water. This has resulted in over $2.5MM in yearly operating costs and a reduction in cleaning frequency by more than 20 times.