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Engineering Procurement & Construction Management

Scovan provides innovative and sustainable solutions for the emerging energy industry,

creating long term value for our partners.

This means learning from the past, taking advantage of today, and being relentless for the future.

Canadian engineering focused on the

future of energy

Technically Advanced Engineering

Our engineers are experts in the energy industry and experienced in the field. Our commitment to research + new technology ensures we find the most efficient and advanced solutions for your project.

A Digitized Process From Start to Finish

Gain transparency with real-time updates and easy-to-access data. Each step of your project is digitized for easy communication and more streamlined execution.

the Standard for Environmental Responsibility

We are meeting the demands of the emerging energy industry while setting new standards for environmental sustainability and safety – using new technology to drastically reduce our impact on the environment.

Building the future of Energy

Renewable Energy

We have the technical knowledge and expertise to help our clients navigate the entire renewable energy project development life cycle, from concept to commissioning. Our team helps bring clean energy and economically sound developments for our clients and communities they serve.

Heavy Oil

We are Canadian leaders in Heavy Oil for central processing facilities, modular well pad designs and advanced produced water treatment. At Scovan, we utilize industry leading practices for design and execution to get our clients generating revenue faster.


Our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence enables us to leverage the Midstream technical expertise necessary to deliver results.

Power Generation

Our technical know-how and expertise are crucial elements to the successful outcome of any Power Generation project. Leveraging our strong in-house electrical team, we have built the skill sets that we are putting to work on projects ranging from natural gas turbines, renewable power, and energy storage facilities.

Oil & Gas

Partnering with an experienced engineering team is critical to the success of any project. At Scovan, our innovation and dedication deliver enviable results that continue to keep our Conventional Oil & Gas clients at the top of their game. With over 200 projects completed in Western Canada, we build upon our designs to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Turnkey solutions

At Scovan, we design for constructability and operability, to create an efficient workflow throughout the project development lifecycle. We have perfected the process with our team of partners to seamlessly execute projects on time and on budget.

True Innovation

Means Thinking


at All Levels of an


Research + Learning

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The Scovan team is amazing to work with. Their excellent support and service minded attitude has made this the most efficient and least stressful aspect of my project.

I am very grateful for their willingness to modify both the technical work, and the process to evaluate our design to meet our technology company needs. I highly recommend working with Scovan.

Laura McIntyre, VP Engineering, Acceleware

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