Reducing Emissions and Competing on Carbon

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage, along with other decarbonization efforts are key for companies due to the economics around carbon, market demand for sustainable energy solutions, and an overall focus on social license. Reducing carbon emissions is an advantage for any project and quickly becoming our strongest path to net zero. Scovan provides expertise and low-carbon strategies to reduce the environmental impact of industrial operations. Our trusted track record and decades experience in process engineering means we have the ability to offer clients innovative solutions to address their carbon capture needs. 

Optimizing Processes

Reducing the carbon intensity of current operations through innovative design

Capturing Waste/Emissions

Taking emissions from waste stream to revenue source

Net Zero by 2050

Supporting companies in their pathway to net zero

Our team of experts offer the following:

  • Cogeneration/Combined Heat and Power projects
  • Natural Gas to Electricity Power Generation
  • Waste Heat Recovery to reduce GHG Emissions
  • Simple-Cycle and Combined-Cycle Generation
  • Power System Modelling, Simulation, and Analysis
  • Geothermal developments combined with heat recovery, power generation and utility interconnect
  • Radio Frequency Heating Pilot with on-site power generation
  • Energy storage and infrastructure expertise including Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage

CCUS Services:

  • Detailed Engineering/Project Management/Fabrication/Construction Support Services
  • Regulatory Application, Engineering Support and Preliminary Engineering Services
  • Consulting and advisory services across the full lifecycle, from early stage project definition, to process performance, energy optimization and integrity, and technology studies for sustaining and enhancing operating assets
  • Fabrication – self perform all pipe fabrication, structural steel fabrication, module assembly, instrumentation and electrical installation, Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), sandblasting, and coating

Carbon Capture utilization and Storage Solutions

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