Creating the Roadmap for a Sustainable Future

ESG + Safety Strategies and Alignment

Scovan is committed to delivering sustainable solutions to the emerging energy industry while protecting our planet and giving back to the community. We are doing this in an environmentally responsible, safe, and effective way that helps our clients contribute to a low carbon energy future and the circular economy. We see ESG is an opportunity to embed innovation, resiliency and longevity into a vibrant, exciting and rapidly changing future.

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We integrate transparency, inclusion and collaboration into all that we do in an effort to ensure integrity for everyone.”

Trevor Phenix, VP Development


A large part of Scovan’s unique culture is derived from the social value we endeavour to build in all that we do. We look to the diversity in, support of and impact on our local, national, Indigenous and workforce communities. Each aspect of our economy has the ability to impact the way in which we consume and live and therefore our combined future. At Scovan, creating sustainable relationships with community is our goal. We are delivering on that goal through charitable investment; student and learning institution engagements; hiring, purchasing and retention policies that support diversity and inclusion; investment in our people through professional development; community volunteering and; hosting events such as our International Women’s Day Forum.

Health & Safety

Scovan has an unwavering commitment to our industry leading health and safety program and the security it provides. The well-being of our people begins with our employees and this positive safety culture is embedded throughout our entire organization. We believe in safeguarding our employees and the communities where we live and work. Our policies, procedures, and programs are designed to secure the health and safety of our employees and minimize harm to the environment.

Our low TRIF score, and high COR grade achieved through Certifying partner ACSA demonstrate our company-wide dedication to keeping each other safe and healthy by identifying and controlling hazards at their source, we can preplan for mitigating risks before they reach our greatest assets, our workers.


Good governance is critical to the success of our business and our ability to deliver high-quality solutions for our clients. We believe effective governance starts with a strong leadership and management team and strong core values, guiding purpose and ethical standards.