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Scovan and Recover® Complete Sustainable Waste Management Project

Scovan Engineering successfully completes Recover® Energy Services Inc. Lodgepole Waste Management Facility Debottleneck Project. Recover® Energy Services Lodgepole Waste Management Facility, located west of Drayton Valley, Alberta provides a solution for off-lease drilling waste remediation. The facility meets Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 058 requirements and waste management practices, providing environmental protection while recovering base oil […]


Learning to Like Criticism

Criticism can be harsh. It can feel like an ambush, an unwanted attack that can feel personal, you freeze and you’re on defense. Criticism can be true. Believe it or not, it can even be encouraging. What would things look like if there were no criticism? If we took away every criticism it could reverse […]


Drafting Evolved

Drawing is an art form – from the moment you first picked up a pencil or crayon and dragged it across a blank piece of paper – you were creating art. When my 4-year-old asks me what I do at work all day, I usually give her a witty remark saying, ‘I draw pretty pictures’ […]