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By Jane Cavanagh, VP Product Innovation, Scovan 

Scovan’s journey towards establishing a Centre of Excellence has been a vision long held by our team, yet often met with the question, “What’s that?” The answer is that our Centre of Excellence is as much a physical space as it is mindset and a vision. 

The seed of this space was planted years ago by Scovan’s founders and is rooted in our lofty 10 year plan of impacting the future of energy by making energy more accessible by all. When I joined the leadership team in 2021, the idea of our center became more tangible. Led by our Product Innovation team and product development managers, the Centre of Excellence will serve as a collaborative space for industry partners, technology developers, and fellow innovators who share our passion for a New Energy. 

This center, located at our 53-acre site in Ponoka, Alberta, will serve as a hub for testing new technologies. We are currently designing a flow loop to test new technologies for our PadX program, enabling us to deliver the highest value well pad solutions at competitive prices. This loop is a crucial tool for testing technologies for upcoming versions of our PadX product. Scovan is also developing a scaling rig for our HipVap technology to ensure its success during commercial use. This allows us to provide our commercial HipVap clients with precise chemical dosing recommendations from real-world water tests before field implementation. Additionally, individuals interested in ORSIL can observe the results of a bench-scale test, gaining insights into its potential uses. The flow loop and scaling rig are slated for completion by the end of 2024. 

Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond our own products. In 2020, we began a partnership with SolarSteam, recognizing the potential of their technology to revolutionize solar utilization in energy sector facilities. By 2021/22, we had undertaken pilot engineering for them, furthering our support by offering plot plan space for the construction and operation of their 5 kWth concentrated solar pilot. This collaboration with SolarSteam and their pilot program was early evidence of the necessity and effectiveness of initiatives like our Centre of Excellence. The guidance we provide to early-stage startups in the engineering sphere and the provision of space for their pilot projects underscore our dedication to nurturing innovation. As we continue to foster such partnerships, we remain firm in our commitment to opening our doors to like-minded innovators, equipping them with the resources they need, including plot plan space, engineering expertise, and fabrication services. 

We aspire to create a base for knowledge sharing and technology development that supports our pursuit of Next Generation Energy Solutions. 

Scovan’s vision for the Centre of Excellence extends beyond product development and space for pilot testing. We aspire to create a base for knowledge sharing and technology development that supports our pursuit of Next Generation Energy Solutions. Our mission is to continuously deliver best-in-class products to our customers and actively shape the future success of our industry. 

The Centre of Excellence represents our dedication to facilitating collaboration and driving the transition towards a more sustainable energy future. With our passion for innovation driving our efforts, we are excited about the transformative impact this center will have on our industry and beyond. 

If you have a product idea or a technology that you would like to discuss with our innovation team, please submit an inquiry to [email protected] with the subject line: Innovation.

Originally published in IGNITE V8.