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Today’s job market is quite competitive, especially for any recent graduate. An internship provides students with a competitive advantage when looking for jobs. Using theory and knowledge from school and applying it to a professional workplace is a major part of any internship. It’s an excellent way to learn from others and get professional feedback. Scovan is a proud supporter of education programs, and we believe internship experience is valuable to our future industry leaders.

This month we’d like to spotlight our intern, Leland Chumik. Leland is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering Student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. Since February, when he started at Scovan, he dove into various projects head-first & has learned a lot of valuable information from his colleagues. Learning in an engineering setting, while collaborating with mentors is valuable – and Leland believes this is one of the best parts of his experience. His contributions to each project are much appreciated from all our team members. He readily participated in our semi-annual Table Tennis Tournament – and everyone cheered for Leland over our Electrical Manager (sorry, Nima!). Leland was also one of the presenters representing Scovan at Young GPS, a program aimed at 12-17 year old students interested in STEM fields.

Scovan: What’s the first thing you do each day? How do you like to start your day?

Leland: The first thing I do every morning is read the latest news.

Scovan: Of course we have to ask what are some of your hobbies?

Leland: My main hobbies are golf & skiing.

Scovan: What made you choose engineering as a career path?

Leland: What got me into engineering was my interest in things such as cars, buildings, and cities. I have always been fascinated by how these things are designed and built. Along with this, I also enjoy challenges, which I think was born from my love of golf. I have always enjoyed improving my golf game to try to get better.

Scovan: What do today’s engineering students struggle with?

Leland: Today’s engineering students struggle with managing six courses while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes getting adequate exercise, as well as eating healthy.

Scovan: What does Forward Engineering mean to you?

Leland: To me, Forward Engineering means to be constantly looking for ways to improve our work, and to be okay with challenging what the industry views as normal.

Scovan: What makes Scovan unique?

Leland: The culture and atmosphere of Scovan make it an extremely unique and exciting place to work. Along with this, the openness and eagerness to experiment with new ideas I find extremely unique.

Scovan: Anyone in particular you want to thank?

Leland: Everyone. The team atmosphere at Scovan has allowed everybody to play a role in helping me be successful.

We want to thank you, Leland, for all your hard work these past few months. You’ve been nothing short of an amazing team player and we wish you the best of luck with school!