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As we see the economy start to slowly open back up, we are feeling optimistic as oil prices are on the rise. With a drop in U.S. inventories it leaves room for the Canadian Oil and Gas sector to come to the global table. Even without added pipelines, opening Canada up to global markets at competitive rates, we still have projects on the go and the upkeep and restructuring of current plants, pipelines and other related infrastructure.

In an article posted on BOE Report it states, “Oil prices rose for a second straight session on Thursday, as the possibility that OPEC+ producers might decide against increasing output at a key meeting later in the day lent support alongside a drop in U.S. fuel inventories.” This is great news for the Canadian Oil & Gas sector and leads to future market optimism.

“U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures gained $1.02, or 1.68% to $62.06 a barrel.”

We are optimistic and prepared to engage our partners on future projects. Scovan is Alberta’s industry leader in Conventional oil and gas and Thermal Heavy Oil Well Pad and Well Pair fabrication. As an expert in providing modular fabrication for a series of Well Pad & Well Pairs installation, Scovan has a firm focus on reducing redundancies for our partners.

Whether its fabricating and executing well pads, well pairs or step-out wells we are happy to discuss our expertise and experience in thermal and unconventional applications to support our partners organization’s goals.

Reach out to us today to book a virtual education session with our team!