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Calgary, AB – August 17, 2022

Working over the last 12 months, the PadX Partnership has achieved a significant milestone through the completion of integrated design reviews and a combined HAZOP with all seven consortium member organizations. The partners have moved to the execution stage that is led by the Scovan development team. This stage includes investing into long lead equipment, finalizing the operational assessment and preparing Fabrication for lean manufacturing and digitization. Gemini Fabrication will be fabricating 55 well pair skids (110 modules) in 2023. The first module is scheduled to be completed in Q1 2023, with subsequent modules to be completed every two weeks. Scovan is accepting pre-sale orders for PadX modules, which will significantly reduce client schedules.

The Benefits

PadX Partnership is targeting a reduction in the capital cost of well pads by 50%. The design includes a state-of-art automation system that uses AI/ML for self optimalization and performance improvements.

Scovan and PadX will execute a true manufacturing strategy that includes mass-producing modules on spec at a volume that drives productivity efficiencies and reduces costs at a rate that has never been done before. This will also allow producers to reduce the time between committing to capital equipment and generating revenue. With modules available from inventory, overall project development and execution could be done in three months or less. 

Major equipment modules, including:

• HUB/Test Separator Module

• Pipe Rack/Injection Module

• Production Module

• Inlet Module

• Instrument Air Package

• Electrical Building including VFD’s for downhole pumps

Al Grabas, Senior Manager, Facilities from Strathcona Resources had this to say of the initiative: “The PadX Partnership offers the ability to standardize well pad designs, allowing us to leverage engineering, fabrication, and supply chain efficiencies. This leads to reduced project costs and start to finish cycle times, while providing flexibility to accommodate future production methods. Throughout the partnership I’ve been encouraged by the collaboration of the participants, which has helped all of us on the path of continual improvement.”  

About Scovan

Scovan provides engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the emerging energy industry. Scovan specializes in the design and execution of energy-related industrial facilities and offers innovation and experience to project developments. Scovan’s focus is to enable our clients to excel in the planning and implementation of their energy projects. Scovan is an expert in energy and has the track record to give their clients the confidence and certainty they need for their developments. Scovan is A New Energy.

For more information on Scovan’s PadX program, please contact:

Valerie Stewart
VP Strategy & Development, Scovan
[email protected]