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One of the biggest risks to project budget and schedule is changes to the project scope. During the initial phases of a project there is often limited resource data available. Many assumptions need to be made to come up with a process design for regulatory applications, initial cost estimates and project schedules. The more accurate these assumptions are, the smoother the project will proceed from there.

Our process team has been involved in more than 15 front end process designs for SAGD facilities; at least 10 of those projects went ahead to completion so far. The Scovan team has extensive experience and in-house data to provide our clients with reasonably accurate resource assays, and formation responses.

In addition to knowledge from past projects, our process team is up to date on new technologies. In the initial phase of each project they take the time to look at what technology may help to reduce project costs and improve the final project outcome.

These project assumptions help Scovan to define the scope of their projects early on in the design phase so as to minimize future changes.

Originally published on LinkedIn.