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Greater Alignment. Stronger Vision. Immense Value.

Calgary, AB – September 6, 2022

Scovan Engineering and Gemini Fabrication announce that they have entered into an agreement to consolidate operations creating a single entity known as Scovan, forming an industry leader in innovative technologies, engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction management (EPFC) services for the energy sector.

Under the terms of the agreement, all projects, services, intellectual property and personnel will become part of the integrated group going forward.

The consolidation creates substantial value for both Scovan Engineering and Gemini Fabrication clients. The unique services offered by each of the operating entities will still be available, but will now be offered with single point of accountability and seamless communication. The combined group brings about increased internal collaboration and streamlined operations through the vertically integrated offering that provides partners with increased efficiency, innovation and opportunity. 

Industry Leader in Innovation
The combination of these well-known leaders in energy services creates a combined entity that offers best-in-class designs and a proven track record of execution. With a suite of proprietary products including PadX and HipVap, along with solutions that support Power, Water, Renewables and Oil, Scovan will continue to focus on new and innovative ideas in both the existing and emerging energy markets.

Along with the consolidation, Scovan is pleased to share the following leadership announcements:

  • Donovan Nielsen, will remain as President of the Group, working to lead the organization in its 10 year plan. 
  • Andy Farrow, former CFO of Gemini Fabrication now holds the position of CFO for the integrated group.
  • Nima Peydayesh, former VP Operations for Scovan Engineering will become VP Operations for the group.
  • Jane Cavanagh holds the role of VP Product Innovation for the group and is working to lead our proprietary products and ESG strategies. 
  • Valerie Stewart, former VP Strategy & Development for Scovan Engineering will now serve as VP Strategy & Development for the new entity. 

“Scovan is focused on continuing to challenge industry norms and drive value to our partners. Operational restructuring such as this will continue to drive the increased value that we plan to achieve as we fearlessly improve projects in the energy industry. Our goal to continuously improve does not stop here. We will continue to lead the marketplace as we lay further groundwork to better serve our clients as industry experts. We are excited about the future that is in front of us. This consolidation will allow us to drive even more value in our ground-breaking projects.”

Donovan Nielsen, President of Scovan, said of the consolidation

Long-Term Investment

Scovan is committed to continuously drive innovation, ESG, and value to the energy space. With the implementation of these changes to the organization, the company is better positioned to achieve these goals. The company has plans to drive further improvements to the energy market that we specialize in. These goals cannot be realized without commitment both to and from our long-term partners. The company’s commitment to providing leading-edge solutions to this space has just begun.

Commitment to Communities
Scovan will be headquartered in Calgary, AB, with secondary operations in Ponoka, AB, and has employees located across Canada. Scovan is committed to enriching the lives of our valued team and the communities that surround them through community investment, diversity and inclusion efforts and investment in our teams at every level. 

Questions or Inquiries:

Donovan Nielsen, President
(403) 969-2231
[email protected]

Andy Farrow, CFO
(403) 352-5243
[email protected]

Valerie Stewart, VP Strategy and Development
(403) 200-3098
[email protected]