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Calgary, AB- June 15 2021. Scovan Engineering Inc. (Scovan) and Matter Global Solutions (Matter) have committed to a partnership for the purposes of developing Renewable Natural Gas projects within Canada. In March 2020, The British Columbia Utilities Commission approved a biomethane / Renewable Natural Gas (“RNG”) purchase agreement (to a maximum of $30/GJ) between FortisBC and Matter, supplied by the Clayhurst project, located 80km east of Fort St. John. The Clayhurst project will be located on the Horseshoe Valley Ranch, utilizing both agricultural waste and dedicated crops as feedstocks for biomethane production. Scovan was selected as the EPC for the project, forming the basis of the partnership.

The project is the first, large-scale, dry anaerobic digester project in North America and one of the largest non-landfill RNG project established in Canada. The project will showcase a unique partnership between technology, farming and engineering that delivers a new business approach for clean energy in Canada. With the current strategy in place, the team will endeavour to create several projects in order to meet the growing demand for RNG in the marketplace. The agreement will leverage Scovan’s vertical integrated partnership with Gemini Fabrications, a two-time-award-winning fabricator in Western Canada, to manage a turnkey, EPFC execution of the project. This includes the detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of the project. 

“As a project and technology development company, Matter has approached the high-growth, Canadian clean energy market with a strategy that embraces partnerships and unique opportunities. Matter is introducing its flagship plant of 250,000 GJ of RNG in Clayhurst, BC, as part of its expansion plan to secure and develop renewable natural gas systems in the Canadian market. The engineering and project management team of Scovan has provided unparalleled value and has gone above and beyond at every stage of the project. We look forward to completing this project with Scovan and developing future technology, projects, and a dynamic impact on climate change and clean energy,” said Jay Zwierschke, President & CEO of Matter.

“Scovan is proud to partner with Matter in the pursuit of ongoing and future renewables projects across Canada. We have been working closely with Matter over the past year, helping take the Clayhurst renewable natural gas project from concept to reality. Over that time, our ability to mitigate project risks and expertise in delivering industrial energy projects combined with Matter’s quality of project fundamentals has led to a collaborative and long-term value working relationship,” said Donovan Nielsen, President of Scovan. 

About Matter Global Solutions 

Matter is high growth company comprised of innovative scientists, engineers, environmental professionals and developers working at the forefront of the global waste crisis. Matter aims to create a world where solid and organic wastes and toxic ocean and lake plastics are removed from the ecosystem. Matter believes in conscious consumption and the proactive, sustainable use of waste for clean, beneficial use products (advanced recycling).

About Scovan Engineering Inc.

Scovan provides engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the emerging energy industry. Scovan specializes in the design and execution of energy-related industrial facilities and offers innovation and experience to project developments. Scovan’s focus is to enable our clients to excel in the planning and implementation of their energy projects. Scovan is an expert in energy and has the track record to give their clients the confidence and certainty they need for their developments. Scovan is Forward Engineering.