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As Scovan pushes toward a New Energy, the very core of our progress hinges on our exceptional team. We view our employees as the driving force behind our success and our greatest asset. We liken our operations to an F1 race, where our team forms the pit crew and the high performance cars, and our clients, the drivers — all working together to clinch the victory. In this well oiled machine, certain individuals shine brighter, bringing more than just their skills to the fore. Karim Atiyeh is one such star.

Karim continues to make significant contributions to our operations. He is a shining star within our team and someone I have quickly grown to depend on for his work ethic, technical skills, and positive attitude.

Kelly Mantei, VP Operations at Scovan

Karim joined Scovan in 2017 as a Process Engineer and has swiftly risen to Director of Major Projects. In this role, he oversees significant initiatives, including a large greenfield SAGD project. With a primary focus on thermal facilities, his experience includes process design, optimization, detailed engineering, project management, and construction execution. He is a champion of our internal culture and embodies our core values daily, supporting his colleagues and leading by example to ensure collective success.

Karim’s effectiveness has not gone unnoticed externally, either. Jim Novak, SAGD Engineering Manager at International Petroleum Corp (IPC), reflects on Karim’s impact: “I first met Karim when he was parachuted in to take the lead engineering position on our 31,000 BOPD SAGD project. He was brought into the project post-FEED but caught up quickly. My first thought was, wow, he’s pretty young to be tasked with so much responsibility. But Karim has proven time and again that he is wise beyond his years, highly intelligent, and he deals with the stresses of the position with professionalism and vigour every single day he comes to work, and he does all this with a smile on his face… always”.

Moreover, Mark Croucher, Operations Manager at IPC, praises Karim’s technical acumen and strategic approach: “Karim’s technically astute knowledge of the granular details and the realm of tactics to solve problems has been vital in coordinating engineering efforts towards our ongoing project. Karim’s ability to direct cross-functional teams has played a pivotal role in ensuring collaborative engagement and alignment and keeping the project moving along on schedule. Karim’s character and integrity speak for themselves, as does his ability to create an environment where all members feel valued and respected. This is evidenced by increased motivation and productivity. Exceptional communication and self-awareness are Karim’s strengths and allow him to empower others while fostering a culture of trust and autonomy.”

Karim’s career is marked by a series of challenging roles and diverse experiences. He has worked as a field engineer for gas well stimulation through hydraulic fracturing and has worked in Canada, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. Karim is a Queen’s University graduate with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and is a licensed professional with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Karim’s calm demeanour and skilled insights have propelled our projects to success and enhanced our workplace culture. Thank you Karim for helping us reach higher heights, for positively impacting our culture and for giving us an example to aspire to.

Originally published in IGNITE V8.