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The Challenge

Connacher Oil and Gas Limited Great Divide oil sands project is a 20,000bbl/d SAGD facility located in the South Athabasca region in northern Alberta.

Scovan completed the Great Divide Pod 1 Pad 104 infill well additions project from concept, detailed design to construction. The project included: three (3) infill well additions, local heat trace skid, a typical rod pump structural design, and all with the flexibility of future expansion. Connacher’s top priority was working within an accelerated schedule with minimal time for traditional design development project cycles. With a project sanction date of July of 2019, Connacher’s requirement was to complete and commission the project prior to the end of 2019. The entire project was completed within 5 months from inception to completion, including the engineering and procurement.

The Approach

Utilizing Scovan’s modular design for infill well control modules and pipe racks, the project team was able to customize the skid design in a cost-effective manner to fit Connacher’s requirements. Scovan’s experience and vendor relationships created opportunities for the procurement of the long lead equipment within the project schedule. The design allowed for rapid engineering execution, generating construction level fabrication drawings in a fraction of the time when compared to a non-standardised design. The modular design allowed the pipe racks, and infill skids to be fabricated in a controlled shop environment reducing cost and schedule risk typically associated with field construction. In order to uphold the schedule mandate for the project, Scovan’s team worked closely with the Connacher’s project team and the Hive Innovations construction management team to ensure all milestone goals were met in a safe, and timely fashion.

The Design

Scovan has taken over two decades of oil sands experience to create and improve upon a templated well pad design that is built for flexibility, operability and maintainability. It utilizes quality industry accepted equipment and instrumentation, and is a safe and reliable design that is proven in the field. Scovan’s modular well pad design includes major process equipment and is flexible to various production methods and is leading the industry for well pad design.

The Outcome

Scovan’s Rapid Deployment Model Leads to Successful Well Pad Infill Addition for Connacher Oil and Gas.

The Great Divide Pod One Pad 104 infill well project was commissioned in late 2019 with an accelerated schedule. Through Scovan’s strategic partnerships, streamlined communication and modular design, Scovan was able to achieve all project milestones on time and on budget. As a result, Connacher was able to recoup remaining reservoir deposits at an efficient rate making the project a success.