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Module Assembly is second nature to Scovan. It’s engrained into our approach to build cost-effective, high-quality and industry leading solutions to some of the worlds complex problems. The energy landscape is quickly changing and so is the way the world does business. Now, more than ever, we need to come up with creative and innovative ways to move forward.

One of those ways is to consider going with a modular fabrication and design approach for your project. There are five major benefits to modular assembly, let’s explore each of them.


When choosing to go modular, you naturally achieve a faster time to market as there is a pre-defined approach and less unexpected hurdles pop up along the way. All of the assembly and testing occurs right in the yard, which increases startup speed and delays due to weather conditions is almost eliminated due to the controlled environment of the facility.


Reducing your cost will increase the return on that initial investment; so how do we go about achieving this reduced cost? By going modular we are able to lower are operating costs by utilizing our materials and resources more efficiently. We are also able to use internal procedures and standardized practices to ensure there are no shut-downs or interruptions to existing work when new work comes into the shop. All of this translates into reduced overall project costs.


Modular assembly done onsite at the 56 acre fabrication facility in Ponoka, Alberta allows everything to be done in a controlled environment. This offers many safety benefits. With internal processes and procedures setup for module assembly, we require less staff onsite at any given time; this also leads to less highway and travel times. With the controlled environment of the fabrication facility we also cut down on weather-related incidents.


Scovan is able to run a more optimized fabrication workflow which cuts down on material and equipment waste. We are also able to reduce logistics and handling as it is all done within the controlled conditions of the fabrication facility. Bringing the fabrication processes into a more automation approach we are able to produce product in an assembly-line fashion.


When you add up all of the aforementioned benefits of module assembly, what you end up with is a higher quality product. Welding, pipe-fitting and other fabrication processes are performed under ideal conditions and carried out by our highly trained and experienced assembly and fabrication technicians.

Gemini Fabrication’s experience, attention to detail and commitment to quality allows us to offer superior module assemblies to all of our valued clients. Our team is the #1 fabrication and assembly team in Alberta. Our knowledgeable workforce ensures the complete module is constructed at the highest possible quality.