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By Jane Cavanagh, P.Eng., M.Sc., VP, Product Innovation, Scovan

Scovan’s PadX program is the building block to our vision of modular well pad scale SAGD facilities. By starting with a modular, proven, base design, and with industry collaboration through the PadX Partnership, Scovan has created a templated well pad design that can be used for various assets and oil sands reservoirs. The program has successfully reduced the cost of modules and project execution by approximately 30% when compared to legacy projects and we are just getting started. PadX remains committed to driving down the cost of SAGD well pad projects and is still ultimately targeting a 50% reduction in cost and the lowest price in industry. In addition to reductions in cost, our program is offering more: headers sized for industry, more automation, increased agility, advanced control, and optimization ready. 

Scovan’s PadX execution strategy involves using a long-term group of dedicated craft labour for the entire program. This creates consistency for our team and improves engagement by working through continual improvements. Scovan can maintain cost and schedule throughout the program by performing structural, pipe fabrication, assembly, electrical and insulation scopes in house. We have learned through extensive project execution experience that self-performing all these specific trades in house ensures a high level of accountability and schedule certainty. We know from our experiences that using dedicated crews to execute similar scopes of work results in increased efficiencies as we progress through the module fabrication/assembly/electrical installation/insulation scopes.

To date PadX has achieved:

  • 17 design sprints 
  • Integrated design reviews
  • Consortium member operator site tours
  • HAZOP with all PadX members
  • 3 Pre-Production model reviews
  • Production and Injection modules design finalized
  • Prototype fabrication
  • Successful demonstration of the design in operating conditions with 2 operating well pairs
  • Patent filed in Canada
  • Investment into long lead equipment with vendor partners
  • Bulk pricing discounts from vendors & suppliers

What’s next?

  • Preparing for lean manufacturing and digitization
  • Fabricate 55 well pair skids with two modules per skid in 2023 at a set target price
  • The first module is schedule to be completed in Q1 2023, with subsequent modules to be completed every two weeks—the modules will be ready for commercial sale upon completion

Scovan is developing a roadmap to further reduce the cost of future versions of PadX and is setting up a Center of Excellence to validate and pilot new technologies and ideas. Our goal is to be working with consortium members to pilot equipment at their sites. Our vision is the future of modular, integrated and automated, flexible well pad SAGD facilities. 

Originally published in Scovan’s IGNITE Vol. 5