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The Challenge

Scovan is proud to be working on the concept, design and construction management of what has the potential to be one of the first operational Geothermal developments in British Columbia.

This three phased project in the small town of Valemount, BC begins with a micropower pilot of 450 kW in size, with the final phase development of a 15 MW GeoPower plant. The geological host spot in the Rocky Mountain Trench provides the ideal background for development of their innovative geothermal energy project using a proprietary Optimized Geothermal and Element (OGE) exploration methodology.

The Approach

The micro pilot includes critical elements such as the use of modular and scalable Organic Rankin Cycles (ORC’s) to generate electricity from low grade temperatures. Scovan provided support for Regulatory Application work, federal grant application assistance, Detailed Engineering and Project Management Services. They also provided Critical Vendor selection advisory services, Local stakeholder engagement and Utility System Impact Study application assistance.

The Outcome

Borealis GeoPower – Canoe Reach Geothermal Project

The GeoHeat Park’s use of the geothermal resource represents an opportunity to become BC’s “greenest” provider of thermal energy. Canoe Reach Energy proposes to use 100% renewable, emissions-free, local geothermal energy to cost effectively substitute for traditional fossil fuelled based commercial and industrial heating sources.


Power output


Geo Heat Park


Renewable Energy


Greenhouse Gases