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The Challenge

The Orion Project is a steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) project consisting of a central processing facility and 43 well pairs located in the Cold Lake oil sands region of Alberta.

Between 2016 and 2019, Osum nearly tripled its production through a series of phased brownfield expansions. Today, the Orion facility has the capability to produce more than 20,000 barrels per day. Further debottlenecking, capacity enhancement and expansion are expected to increase production to 25,000 barrels per day.

Scovan completed the full engineering design, procurement and construction management support of the Orion Expansion Phase 2A and 2BC Projects.

The Approach

At Osum’s Orion SAGD facility, Scovan designed the tie-in of 3 new well pairs for Phase 2A and 18 new well pairs for the Phase 2BC expansions.. The initial Phase 2 design included four new well pads for the expansion to achieve the desired production output. The process evaluation determined that by adding well pairs to existing well pads, they were able to maximize existing pipelines and pad facilities. Scovan’s work supported Osum’s objective of leveraging existing pad clearings to reduce environmental footprint for the project by almost 75% as well as reducing capital cost by approximately 35%.

“One of the greatest assets that Scovan brings is that they work closely with us as an integrated, strategic partner. They provide the engineering expertise to help us make informed decisions by providing innovative solutions that reduce our costs and help to develop economic projects despite challenging market conditions.” Mike Stobart, Project Manager Osum Oil Sands Corp.

The Outcome

Scovan helps Osum set new benchmarks for SAGD Expansion Projects

Osum completed 18 well pair additions on 4 existing pads as part of the 2BC well pair addition in an 11-month timeframe from the spud of the first well to first steam on the last pad. The scope was executed on budget and schedule.

Scovan has taken over two decades of oil sands experience, to create and improve upon a templated well pad design that is built for flexibility, operability and maintainability. It utilizes quality industry accepted equipment and instrumentation, and is a safe and reliable design that is proven in the field. Scovan’s modular well pad design includes major process equipment and is flexible to various production methods. The standardized well pads were designed with constructability in mind, resulting in an accelerated execution schedule from design to installation, with 75 days from piles to commissioning. The design has been executed on over 17 pads for 6 different end users and has set the benchmark for SAGD developments and expansions in Western Alberta.


Well pair additions


Month timeframe


Reduction in environmental footprint


Reduction in capital costs