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Scovan Engineering has developed a comprehensive catalogue of guidelines, procedures and proven designs as a resource to ensure a high level of design integrity and consistency. There are many benefits both for Scovan and our clients to developing and maintaining this resource:

* Consistency in design
* Cost and time savings are achieved by utilizing proven designs
* Staffing levels can be quickly increased without losing continuity as a project develops
* Projects get ‘up and running’ quickly since a lot of the initial development work is already in place

Scovan is a leader in innovative design with all staff encouraged to explore new ideas and continually improve our processes and designs. Design guidelines and procedures are considered to be starting points for improvement rather than traditional static ‘must follow’ instructions, allowing flexibility for customizing designs as required. Review and updating of our procedures is ongoing as we incorporate new philosophies and ideas to satisfy this emphasis on continuous improvement.

Experience ‘Forward Engineering’ with Scovan!