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Is that purchase order still sitting on someone’s desk? Scovan has been using electronic signing software for years now! Some of the benefits of using e-signatures include:

* Decreased costs: No more printing, courier fees, or storage costs.
* Efficiency: In a couple of fast and easy steps, documents are sent for approvals. They can be signed on the go on mobile devices.  No need to wait until signers are physically in the office to get documents signed, expediting the process.
* Document tracking: Using e-signature applications allows us to know the status of a document at all times. Reminder emails are sent automatically for documents that are overdue and all stakeholders receive an executed copy of the document once it is complete.
* Security: Paper documents that require several layers of authorization could potentially get lost.

Utilizing electronic signature software to replace pen and paper signing has allowed us to better serve our clients and improve processes with our vendors.