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Scovan/Gemini Fabrication is very proud to announce we have been awarded a large scale project with one of our tier 1 clients; a major player in the Canadian Resources and Energy sector! Having this project move forward is such a fantastic announcement and is a great story for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry. This is something that benefits the Alberta economy, which is good news for all Albertans. Scovan/Gemini Fabrication will employ up to 100+ skilled workers on this project alone! With work beginning on this project it will be a much needed injection to the Alberta economy and bring an economically viable project to life creating long-term employment.

“I have worked with Scovan/Gemini for four years on several projects as a client… They are easy to work with, open and honest and strive to provide a quality product for the client.”

~A very satisfied partner
Module During Yard Assembly

As a true multi-service provider Scovan focuses on: Well pads, Well-Pairs, fabrication & assembly of modules, MCC buildings, pipe racks, meter skids, pipe spools, pump houses, exchanger skids, IA buildings, test separators, Group Separators, compressor skids, utility packages and more. Gemini fabrication’s integrated approach allows for schedule and cost certainty. Our in-house capabilities include: Structural Steel Fabrication, Pipe Fabrication, Hydro-testing, Module Assembly, Paint, Electrical & Instrumentation and Insulation.

If you want to learn more about what Scovan can do and how we support our industry, get in touch!