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The Challenge

Osum Orion is a SAGD facility that had a phased expansion from 10,000 bbl/d to 20,000 bbl/d.

The development includes 4 Evaporator Towers, a Crystallizer, 4 Drum Boilers, and 6 Well Pads with 41 well pairs. The second set of Evaporator towers were installed as part of the expansion to address the the goal of using <5% total make-up water for the process and to address the challenges of treating SAGD produced water.

The Approach

The evaporator process modules and piperacks were designed by Scovan and packaged by Hive which resulted in significant cost savings. The modular design resulted in a more compact footprint without compromising operability and accessibility. Use of pre-cast concrete foundations for the Evaporator Towers and Vapour Washers reduced the field construction timeline by 50% for tower setting versus traditional pour in place foundations. Scovan completed detailed hydraulic reviews and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the system in order to address bottlenecks, improve performance, and to simplify the design complexity where practical.

The Outcome

Osum Orion SAGD Phase 2 B Expansion/ Debottleneck Evaporator Installation

Scovan completed the full engineering design, procurement and construction management support of the project. The Evaporator was the first of its kind to be completed fixed cost turnkey with our partners Hive Innovations Inc.

Osum saw 20% improved system performance over the first year of production relative to the Phase 1 Evaporator system. It was the first Evaporator to be installed turnkey, fixed costs in Western Canada and it was completed in industry record breaking time of 8 months from start of fabrication to start of commissioning with a significant capital cost reduction. The Orion SAGD facility is now producing over nameplate capacity.


Improved system performance


Reduction in building footprint


CAPEX Savings


Of Recycled Water at Facility