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Business has a long history of referencing sports metaphors, but this one is distinct because they’re words spoken by a true Canadian legend. Anticipating what was going to happen next allowed Gretzky to be one-step ahead of his competitors and to set nearly every goal scoring record there is. There are not likely many people that would argue that Wayne Gretzky was the greatest athlete of all time, nor that his talent would allow him to dominate in other sports beyond hockey, but Gretzky is known as the Great One because of his amazing talent in HOCKEY.

This quote by Gretzky has an appeal to the business world in a way that few other sports clichés do. Management consultants are quick to tell you to get ahead of the competition by figuring out what the market will look like five years from now. Apparently, it is that simple.

The Catalyst For Action Is Believing And Belief Can Only Come From Experience.

Every business owner knows what they need to do; innovation, safety, teamwork, fit-for-purpose solutions. However, unless there is a clear and obvious threat it is impossible to expect a shift to something that could be better. Any transition comes with uncertainty and inherently some risk. Without guarantees that there will be a better outcome, transition simply represents a lot of hard work, discomfort, and a threat to job stability. Who is willing to put their career at risk to do that? Trying to be maintain the status quo or even trying to be slightly better means settling for average. Our world needs more than average. The catalyst for action is believing and belief can only come from experience. These are universal challenges, but the Alberta solutions are not universally understood.

Alberta Is An Exceptional Industry.

Hockey is an exceptional game that requires specific skill sets to excel in. The best athlete may not be the best hockey player. Once you know how to play the game, you still need to be able to skate to where the puck is going to be in order to execute at the highest level. Alberta energy is in itself an exceptional industry that requires unique skills and experiences in order to meet the demands of our global audience.

We Know The Alberta Energy Market Like Very Few Others Do.

For over ten years Scovan has successfully executed innovative projects in Western Canada. Not in the Middle East or South America. We don’t pretend to be everything to everyone but that is what makes us exceptional at THIS game. We know the Alberta energy market like very few others do. This coupled with our nimble approach to projects, our unyielding investment into people and innovation, and our commitment to providing exceptional value to Alberta projects for many years to come, positions our clients to dominate this game.

Scovan is about creating a NEW ENERGY through hard work, disruption for the better, and good vibes. We aren’t going anywhere. The last ten years have been great, but our game just got started!

Written by: Donovan Nielsen, P.Eng, President